Rolling Papers

Welcome to Joint Rolling 101. Joint rolling is a critical survival technique for any regular smoker. First, start by gathering your materials. Obviously, you'll need your papers and your herb. Optionally, a little roll of cardboard as your filter - also called a "crutch". 
You're gonna need fine herb - Use a grinder
You're also gonna spill a lot - Use a tray.



You really shouldn't want to be smoking the stems anyway, but when it comes to rolling a joint, this is even more critical. The reason is that stems can poke holes in your paper. If your joint is not air tight, it will make it very difficult to get a good hit.

After your herb is ground and ready to go, take out a rolling paper and identify the gummed edge. Note where it is because you will want that side of the paper on the outside facing in at the end of the roll on your finished joint. 

Grab a large pinch of herb and place it in the fold of the rolling paper. Use slightly more than you need, as spillage from the sides is pretty normal.  

Using your thumb and forefingers, roll the paper back and forth so the herb inside becomes round and tightly packed inside. If you are choosing to use a crutch, this may also be inserted at this time. 

Remember, air leaks will ruin your smoking experience, so when you are satisfied that your roll is tight enough, seal it off be lightly moisturizing the gummed edge and making it as smooth as possible along that final seam. 

A few more thoughts:

  • Rolling perfect joints will make you very popular at parties.
  • Have a rolling sesh! Roll as many as you can and save them for later.
  • Joints can also be storage. An average J can be repacked as several smaller bowls in a pipe if you are rationing your smoke, or just want to have a small amount to carry.

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