Stems, Bowls, Bangers & Slides

Volo Smoke is proud to be the best online headshop for all your smoking and vaporizing needs. We carry a huge selection of smoking and dab rig stems, bowls, bangers, and slides, perfect for building or accessorizing your custom rigs. When you want to make the most out of your smoking experience, come and check out our lineup of durable, beautiful components for any style of rig or smoking preference. 

Our headshop carries the following accessories:

Stems- thick glass downstem diffusers in a variety of sizes and lengths, drop down glass stems, stems with bowls, and much more! 

Bowls- decorative or simple bowls for your flower, slide bowls, glass bowls, silicone bowls, honey pots, bowls with built-in screens, bowls for any style!

Bangers- durable, reliable buckets and bangers for your dab rigs and for use with concentrates, quartz bangers, bangers with beads, bangers with carb caps, and more!

Slides- functional glass slides and slide bowls, clear quartz slides, slide bowls with handles, and other useful rig components!

When you’re searching for the best smoking accessories online, Volo Smoke has you covered. Whether you enjoy handmade, colorful bowls, stems and slides, or prefer the seamless clear quartz look for smoking or for your custom dab rig, you’ll find what you want in our store. Herb bowls in a variety of shapes and colors, stems in many lengths, and other unique pieces will help you customize your rig and give you a more personalized experience. 

Our online headshop carries the bowls, stems, bangers, and slides for smoking and dab rigs that you’re looking for. Made with the finest materials like lab-grade glass, quartz glass, silicone, art glass, and others, these components will not only look great, but will stand the test of time, whether you’re building your daily driver or your special-occasion rig. 

No matter what you buy, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Volo Smoke offers fast and discreet shipping and easy returns!

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