Smoking from a pipe is very convenient, but sometimes you find yourself yearning for the powerful punch and smooth experience that only a bong can provide. Glass Bubblers actually offer a sweet spot right between the handiness of a pipe and the enjoyment of a bong. The anatomy of a glass bubbler is similar to a pipe. These medium-size pieces have a similar mouthpiece and stem that lead to the bowl, but a water chamber just underneath helps cool and filter the smoke so you get smoother pulls.

So, glass bubblers are kinder to your lungs than a pipe, but they’re also not as large and bulky as a bong. This means you can be more discreet with your smoking and travel around with your piece without worrying about breaking it. The smaller size of a glass bubbler allows for easier maintenance, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying smooth, fresh pulls from the bubbler.

Our favorite part about glass bubblers? Getting to pick out the best designs, of course! The bubblers we carry at Volo Smoke are always made of thick, high-quality glass, and the unique shape of our bubblers allows for some truly extraordinary patterns and designs. Browse our online head shop’s hand-made selection of bubblers now! No two are exactly the same, so grab your favorite one before it’s gone!
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