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A grinder is a must have item for anyone who smokes on the regular. Breaking buds with your fingers is slow, sticky and yields poor results. Using a grinder saves time and frustration, making short work of getting your herb down to an evenly burning consistency. Grinders are usually made of metal, but sometimes can be found in wood or plastic. Grinders also come in many sizes, ranging from 1.5” in diameter to 3” and above. A four piece grinder has an upper chamber with an array of teeth that grind the herb inside by twisting the top. The second piece has small holes that the herb passes through after being ground finely enough. The second chamber has a metal mesh screen which catches the flower, but allows the pollen to collect in the third and final chamber.

Some quick grinding facts:

  • Grinding increases the amount that you can fit into your bowl. 
  • A grinder can also serve as a portable storage container.
  • Placing a coin inside the middle chamber helps keep the screen clean
  • The pollen chamber works instantly and the results add up quickly.

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