Glass Bongs

Bongs can be constructed of many different materials. Glass is the usual suspect, but water pipes made of acrylic, ceramic, metal, plastic, or wood are available. It all just depends on your aesthetic and smoking style. Size definitely matters when it comes to choosing the perfect bong. Volo Smoke carries bongs of all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs that are perfect for anyone. How often are you planning on cleaning your water pipe? Do you want your new smoking pipe to be discreet and stealthy, or are you loud and proud? Are you tall with large lung capacity or a small fry who can’t stop coughing even after a baby hit? If you’re the latter, you might want to stick with a bong on the smaller side. The practical health reasons behind smoking with a bong are beneficial and many. By not burning paper and smoking through a clean substance like glass or ceramic, the likelihood of ingesting nasty chemicals or residue is minimal or nonexistent. Separate chambers in your bong mean better and more well-controlled filtration and conditioning. Some complicated designs have multiple chambers with an assortment of percolators. Don’t become overwhelmed! They are all there to help.

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