Dugouts? Bats? One-Hitters? No, we're not talking about baseball. The Dugout is a quintessential device for anyone who wants to smoke discreetly while on the go. It's classic, versatile, and time-tested design serves several purposes at once, and best of all, the whole thing fits right in your pocket.  The Bat, also called the one-hitter, is usually made of metal or ceramic, and typically styled to look like an ordinary cigarette. Often found made of wood, metal, or plastic, Dugout pipes have a swiveling top that reveals two chambers inside. The larger chamber is for holding your stash, and the smaller chamber stores the bat when not in use. So basically, you open the lid, take the bat out and poke it into the stash chamber until you have your hit ready to go. Our carved wood dugout pipes do everything but light it for you.

Some Useful Dugout Tips:

  • GRIND FIRST - Your stash is preferably already finely ground up.
  • LESS IS MORE - Although it is tempting to pack the stash chamber to the brim - Don't. Leave yourself some room at the top.
  • FLYING BATS - The smaller chamber on our one hitter stash boxes holds the bat, but beware - it is spring-loaded at the bottom! This is so the bat doesn't get stuck down there, but it can also send it flying if you aren't careful. Many ceramic bats get broken this way. 
  • KEEP IT CLEAN - Since the bat is so small, they get clogged quickly if you use them on the regular. 

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