The Art of Dabbing

What is dabbing?

Yes, dabbing has many definitions from the artistic patting of paint on a canvas to removing a stain from a shirt. What Volo Smoke is talking about is the inhaling of concentrated forms of extracts from the cannabis plant through brilliant devices called dab rigs.

Not only do dab rigs look great but they feature an economical glass beaker design. Smoking professionals know that the difference between these glass designs are that the bowl is replaced by a banger or nail. Instead of merely packing the bowl with flower, you "dab" concentrate onto the heated banger or nail. In order to get the full effect, you have to heat this at a high temperature.

Using a dab rig will result in a greater high than a normal smoking session because the oils extracted from the cannabis and vaporized in the rig have a higher level of THC. Experienced users swear by it. Like anything in life though, too much or overuse can lead to adverse effects such as increased heart rate or
paranoia. Be a smart dabber and research the topic. For example, some people are allergic to butane, which is part of the extraction process, and can react to the oils used in dabbing. Dab rigs certainly provide a stronger flavor, more intense highs, and artsy decorations. It can even deliver greater relief to those with chronic pain.

Take a look at our dab rigs at Volo Smoke. You will be impressed by the complexity, artistry, and the numerous options we have for professional smokers.

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