How to clean your bong

A clean piece is absolutely critical for getting the best tasting hits. And yet, we’ve all seen it before: sticky black residue, that unmistakable smell of used bong water. There’s nothing more frustrating than packing up a fresh bowl, attempting to take a hit only to get nothing because it’s clogged. Yuck. Let’s face it…dirty pipes are just plain nasty. How often you clean your piece is entirely up to you, because some pieces get used more frequently while others may be more difficult to clean. It helps to just rinse out the water in your pipe as frequently as possible. Over time however, accumulation is inevitable and eventually any piece you use with regularity will need a deep cleaning once in a while.

FORMULA 420 is a nice safe and cheap solution for removing those stubborn resin buildups. Smaller pieces like stems, bowls and hand pipes can easily be scrubbed and rinsed out. After a good soak, even tiny crevices will get spotless eventually. Cleaning larger pieces like bongs is a little more involved. Use paper towels to plug the joint and mouthpiece of the bong so the mess stays inside. Shake the pipe gently and carefully and watch the FORMULA 420 as it removes the resin inside. After all that dark resin is no longer stuck to the glass, rinse out your bong with water until the smell and taste of resin is gone. Rinse and repeat until you’re satisfied. It’s amazing how quickly a filthy piece can be restored to feel like it was brand new again. Enjoy!

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