Some Random Bong Facts

Guesses at history have usually claimed that bongs were brought to the Americas by European explorers along with tobacco. But further back we have archeological evidence that points to water pipes in Africa having a similar shape and use as the modern bong. Dug out bowls and long tubes with traces of herbal residue mean prehistoric man was blazing way before 420 culture was a thing. A diffuser and a slitted downstem are essentially exactly the same in terms of functionality in a bong. Any filter or piece of glass that acts to percolate can be referred to as a diffuser. Therefore, if the bottom of your downstem has slit openings, it is totally a perc and this means you can consider even the most basic of bongs tricked out.

 An ash catcher is a secret weapon that can assist you in cleaner smoking sessions. Purchasing one of these lifesaver water pipe accessories is beneficial to the quality of the smoke you inhale. An ash catching attachment can not only look cool on your bong but will also work double duty to act as an extra percolator, as well as to filter and catch any nasty impurities that could get sucked through.

Joint genders are important because if you get the wrong gender, you can’t use your bong. And who wants to be stuck with a non-functioning water pipe? Joint fittings can be either male or female. We know your parents had a talk with you back in the day about this. But in simplistic and perhaps less emotionally traumatizing terms, let’s explain here that a bong with a female joint will require a male attachment to be inserted inside of it and a male jointed bong will require a female joint to fit over it. One piece of your joint has to be able to slide easily into or onto the other, or else the pathway for your smoke won’t be airtight.
The glass movement started in a parking lot. That’s right. If you consider yourself a hippy or a hipster, chances are you have heard of a jam band called The Grateful Dead. Groups of roving fans called Deadheads would follow the band on tour and set up pre-sesh fests in the parking lots of venues before the show time. Arts and crafts were sold, and among these goods were glass pipes and bongs handmade with groovy care. The heady, artistic designs got more complicated and soon festivals expressly consisting of bong makers and glass blowers sprung up. Boro-heads united and now bong and glass expos are multi-million dollar industries within an industry.
Separate chambers in your bong mean better and more well controlled filtration and conditioning. Some complicated designs have multiple chambers with an assortment of percolators. Don’t become overwhelmed! They are all there to help.

Carb holes are usually present in bongs that don’t have a more advanced diffuser or slide bowl system. Usually the act of hitting a bong requires that you clear the chamber so the smoke can travel into your lungs. If you have a carb hole in your unit, you’ll need to keep it covered as you inhale, or you can purchase small stoppers so it never has to be a second thought.
Ice notches are little pinches in bongs designed to hold cubes of frozen water. Usually, one to three cubes are best (too much ice will mean overflowing water later). Your hit travels through this ice shelf and is instantly chilled.
Glass blowing has become a multi-million-dollar industry, but still has connections to so called criminal activity. M. Slinger’s documentary “Degenerate Art” tells the story of artists and entrepreneurs in the glass industry, dispelling rumors of crime association and introducing you to top names in the glass game.
The practical health reasons behind smoking with a bong are beneficial and many. By not burning paper and smoking through a clean substance like glass or ceramic, the likelihood of ingesting nasty chemicals or residue is minimal or nonexistent.

Bongs can be constructed of many different materials. Glass is the usual suspect, but water pipes made of acrylic, ceramic, metal, plastic, or wood are available. It all just depends on your aesthetic and smoking style.
Size definitely matters when it comes to choosing the perfect bong. How often are you planning on cleaning your water pipe? Do you want your new smoking pipe to be discreet and stealthy, or are you a show the world kind of guy? Are you tall with large lung capacity or a small fry who can’t stop coughing even after a baby hit? If you’re the latter, you might want to stick with a bong on the smaller side.

In 2014, Grav Labs out of Austin, Texas made the world’s biggest borosilicate glass bong. Using 20 glassblowers and boasting a tree percolator the size of a regulation soccer ball, the 12 foot 2-inch water pipe wonder was on display at that years Denver Champs Glass Expo.

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